Strategy & Consulting

Make the best choices for your website. I work with you to translate your ideas and needs into action and deliver solutions that match your goals.

Identify Requirements

Define Solutions

Recommend Approach

The 5D Approach

The biggest factor in the success of any project is a clear understanding of the project, shared between me and you, the client. I take a collaborative approach and work with you to determine the best approach to deliver a great solution, avoid communication problems and agree on any issues that can impact cost and timeline. 


1. Discovery

In this phase we schedule various project discovery sessions to get a detailed understanding your business, project goals, design requirements and data details. The goal of the discovery sessions are to get as much information from you in order to outline a detailed project roadmap. The project roadmap specifies a recommended plan for the development of your website. Following approval of the project roadmap and kick-off of a project, a project plan is then created.

2. Design

The majority of clients I work with desire a refreshed design for their website. I work directly with the client to get an understanding of their design requirements and turn them into live mock-ups. Typically, there are two to three rounds of revisions in the design phase – initial design, revised design, finalised design. 

3. Digital

Once we have finalised designs and an agreed upon project plan, we are then ready to start building your website. All page templates get created along with any custom features and functionality required. In this phase I also build in necessary tools to ensure security and GDPR compliance.

4. Data

The Data phase consists of the testing and launch steps of your project. I test across different browser and device types to ensure responsiveness and testing. 

For Launch I ensure that the appropriate staging and production environments are ready and migrate your site to its correct location.

5. Domination

Blackbird Digital guarantees its work by providing a 30 day support phase following project completion. I use this time to resolve any issues that may come up following the launch. Following the 30 day support phase, I offer extended maintenance options should you wish for continued support.

But I'm Not Ready to Start Just Yet...

Have an idea for a web project but not quite ready to go ahead? Let’s get together to discuss it and allow you get it out of your head and on to paper.

Book a half day or full day Discovery session where we will go through all aspects of your project from requirements, design and development to marketing and promotion. You will then receive a report detailing my recommendations that you can refer to when the time comes to get started on your project.